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Jazmin and Alexandre are co-founders and directors of Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company, dedicated to contemporary dance creation and collaboration with other artists. The company is based in Ireland.

The artistic creation processes developed in the company are part of a wider picture that integrates Tipperary Dance Residency and Tipperary Dance Platform, both directed by Jazmin and Alexandre, to promote dance as a practise, an art form and a way of life.

Dance has led Jazmin and Alexandre to live in foreign countries, away from their own cultural foundations, to meet and work with a great diversity of people, in a great variety of environments all over the world. The creations and projects they lead all feed on the diversity of their experiences and encounters. They value a dance based on sensitive practise, open to all publics regardless of age, gender, culture or origin.

Since 2008, they are artists in Residence at Tipperary Dance Residency. Since 2010, they also founded and organised Tipperary Dance Platform.


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