Who we are

Tipperary Dance Platform and Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company are non-profit entities dedicated to the development of dance as an art form. Both entities are directed by Alexandre Iseli and Jazmin Chiodi, Ballyfaskin, Ballylanders, Co.Limerick., Ireland.

The vast majority of our activities are non-profit (despite the fact that they may have a entrance price), and are supported with public funding. This gives us a duty to share and promote them publicly. Our activities are dedicated to develop and promote the creation, discussion, exchange and accessibility of artistic works and artistic practise.

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The activities of Tipperary Dance Platform:

  • TDP’ international dance festival
  • Opportunities for artists such as (but not only): workshops, masterclasses, residencies, laboratories, performances.
  • Events in the community such as (but not only): dance in schools programmes, All Day Do Dance events, workshops and classes, activities with community groups

The activities of Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company:

  • Creation of new artistic works
  • Performances and touring
  • Partnerships with other artists
  • Occasionally, the activities proposed by closely related artists or artistic organisations.

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Jazmin Chiodi

MA Festive Arts

Artistic director


Festival curator

Alexandre Iseli

MSc Biology

Artistic director


Festival producer

Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli are artists in residency at the Tipperary Excel Arts Centre since 2008

They are founders and directors of the Tipperary Dance Platform programme and TDP’ international dance festival

See  www.tdp-danceplatform.ie