Alexandre Iseli & Jazmín Chiodi

Miss Orbit, Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company

Robyn Byrne, July 2020. Photo ©: Alexandre Iseli

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18/09/2020, Culture Night, The Source Arts Centre - MISS ORBIT

30/05/2020, Modes of Capture online symposium - More info / register

30/05/2020, Dublin Dance Festival - DOMINION (cancelled)

23/05/2020, Dublin Dance Festival - DOMINION (cancelled)

10/12/2019, Théâtre des jeunes créateurs, Tunis - REVOLVER

13/12/2019, Centre d'Art Dramatique, Gafsa - REVOLVER

06/04/2019, Cork, Firkin Crane - MERLIN

04/04/2019, Limerick, Dance Limerick - MERLIN

02/04/2019, Tipperary, Excel Arts Centre - MERLIN

30/03/2019, Dublin, Project Arts Centre - MERLIN 

29/03/2019, Dublin, Project Arts Centre - MERLIN

28/03/2019, Dublin, Project Arts Centre - MERLIN

19/07/2018, Cuadernos Escénicos - REVOLVER


05/2020 | Le Mans, Compagnie Marie Lenfant (cancelled)

03/2019 | Project Arts Centre, Dublin

03/2019 | Tipperary Excel Arts Centre

12/2018 | EiMa, Maria de la Salut, Mallorca

11/2018 | Le Mans, Compagnie Marie Lenfant


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Our warm thoughts to the people who were going to be our hosts or work with us during this spring and summer: Robyn Byrne, Daniel Morales, Marie Lenfant, Riti Mabon, 3 C-L, Ayelen Parolin. Many thanks to our partners for their understanding and support.

2020 creation: Miss Orbit

Commissioned by Tipperary County Council and presented by the Source Arts Centre:

Miss Orbit went out of course. Three women gathered behind the glass panels of a theatre hall. Pushed out of their life’s orbit they slow down to rebuild their steps with unbreachable confidence. Drifting like wandering stars? heroines of no novel? bewildered animals? Unique and universal, they randomly intersect at the crossroad of past images and projected futures. They trace their way, swirling behind the glass window like the dolls of ancient automatons, sitting in loneliness like characters of a Hopper painting.

2020 research: Dominion

Teaming up with Canarian dance artist Daniel Morales for this new work, Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company exposes the body as an explorative territory. A mesh of palpable connections links sensitive bodies, textures, time and place. They sketch a human cartography decolonized from their own principles on meaning and form: an invitation into a poetic space that gives us a chance, perhaps, to envision bodies without dominion.

2019 production: Merlin

Jostling with rational narrative and swimming in the substance of myth, MERLIN dives into body textures to invokes fairy tales, pagan carnivals, dark waters, Orphic themes, monsters, wild animals, a battered queen, a shamanic devil, and a strong-headed child-woman, countless images that resonate in our hearts, the fading of time, and of course, Merlin himself, and his mischievous grin

Performance: Jazmín Chiodi, Alexandre Iseli, Clara Protar, Sarah Ryan, Kiko López. | Artistic direction: Alexandre Iseli & Jazmín Chiodi.

Jazmin Chiodi

MA Festive Arts

Artistic director


Festival curator

Alexandre Iseli

MSc Biology

Artistic director


Festival producer

Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli are artists in residency at the Tipperary Excel Arts Centre since 2008

They are founders and directors of the Tipperary Dance Platform programme and TDP’ international dance festival