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Alexandre Iseli & Jazmín Chiodi

29 March 2019, Dublin, Project Arts Centre

30 March 2019, Dublin, Project Arts Centre

02 April 2019, Tipperary, Excel Arts Centre

04 April 2019, Limerick, Dance Limerick

06 April 2019, Cork, Firkin Crane

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19/07/18, Cuadernos Escénicos - REVOLVER

28/03/19, Dublin, Project Arts Centre - MERLIN

29/03/19, Dublin, Project Arts Centre - MERLIN 

30/03/19, Dublin, Project Arts Centre - MERLIN 

02/04/19, Tipperary, Excel Arts Centre - MERLIN 

04/04/19, Limerick, Dance Limerick - MERLIN 

06/04/19, Cork, Firkin Crane - MERLIN 



11/2018 | Le Mans, Compagnie Marie Lenfant

12/2018 | EiMa, Maria de la Salut, Mallorca

03/2019 | Tipperary Excel Arts Centre

03/2019 | Project Arts Centre, Dublin



2019 new production: Merlin

The creation of Merlin starts the 10 December 2018 with four weeks of residence at the EiMa in Maria del Salut, Mallorca.

Performance: Jazmín Chiodi, Alexandre Iseli, Clara Protar, Sarah Ryan, Kiko López. | Artistic direction: Alexandre Iseli & Jazmín Chiodi.


New creation with Lux Boreal

In 2013 we created Fit/Misfit in collaboration with Lux Boreal from Tijuana (Mex). More than 40 performances later, the piece still tours.

Iseli-Chiodi will choreograph a new full length piece for Lux Boreal, to premiere in 2020, with our first steps in the studio next summer.



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Jazmin Chiodi

MA Festive Arts

Artistic director

Festival curator

Alexandre Iseli

MSc Biology


Festival producer

Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli are artists in residency at the Tipperary Excel Arts Centre since 2008