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2019 | Merlin  premiering the 28 March

The 60 minutes dance quartet ‘Merlin’ is a present-day dance tale playing with the irruption of instinct and myth through the surface of our social composure.

In a culture that is increasingly dominated by symbols, images and ready-made concepts, there appears to be a growing rift between the visible expression of our existence and nature, around and within us. Standing with one foot on each side of this rift, MERLIN asks the question: can we reconcile our longing for meaning with the brutal turmoil of organic life?

Digging into several sources, in particular Jean Markale’s study of the character Merlin, the piece proposes a new perspective on one of Europe’s most prominent mythical figures. Many times represented on screen and throughout literature, the very nature of Merlin invites us to a new representation that only body textures can produce: an intermediate, dialectic space that stretches between mythical essence and temporal narrative - the place where substance meets shape.

« There is something wonderfully raw and wild, evocative of older, more pagan traditions, in the freedom of these individuals » |, work-in-progress performance at Dublin Dance Festival

Concept & choreography: Alexandre Iseli & Jazmin Chiodi

Dance: Jazmin Chiodi, Alexandre Iseli, Kiko Lopez, Clara Protar, Sarah Ryan

Music: Oscar Mascareñas

Costumes: Pierre Canitrot

Lighting: Kevin Smith

Technique: Paul Lenihan

Stage manager: Roxzan Bowes

Line producer: Michelle Cahill

Merlin was funded by the Arts Council under the Project Awards scheme, and co-produced by Tipperary Dance Platform. Commissioned by Dance East. Creation and production residences: Tipperary Excel Arts Centre, EIMA Creation Centre, Compagnie Marie Lenfant, Project Arts Centre, Tig Roy. Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli are resident artists at Tipperary Dance Platform, with the support of Tipperary County Council, Tipperary Excel Arts Centre and the Arts Council under the Dance Artist in Residency Award.

Many thanks to our funders, collaborators, dancers and everyone who supported our research on this project, in particular Hélène Cathala, Le Grand Studio. Thanks to Lorenzo Dallai and Oran Leong for their artistic contribution to MERLIN.

2016 | Revolver

Picture: Robert Harte

REVOLVER, was created in collaboration with Argentinean visual artist Martin Mele and music composer Oscar Mascareñas, and funded by an Arts Council project award.

REVOLVER is a dance and visual arts experiment. A woman stands on a barricade. Revolutions. Proclaimed promises meet resistances made of flesh, bones, history and objects. Captive in her own landmarks, she fights to turn the proclaimed change into reality, as the barricade materializes the frontline of change.

Performances: Festival Mouvements sur la Ville, Montpellier (France), TDP’16 - Tipperary Dance Platform, Tipperary (IE), Festival Le Neuf Neuf, Toulouse (Fra), Project Arts Centre, Dublin (IE), Festival Isadora, Krasnoyarsk (Rus), Villa Panaderia Dorada, Düsseldorf (Ger)

« Chiodi's [...] accomplished flourishes of physicality are consistently mediated by the veil of her character's semi-consciousness, or exhaustion, or delusion. Where circumstance has led her to cyclical hopelessness, the body finds the logic of escape, a proclamation of optimism at the end of a subtly dark piece of work. » | DRAFF magazine

Choreography: Alexandre Iseli & Jazmin Chiodi

Performance: JazminChiodi

Visual Art: Martin Mele

Soundscape: Oscar Mascareñas

Lighting design: Pius McGrath

Partners: Arts Council Project Awards scheme, Villa Panaderia Dorada, Festival Mouvements sur la Ville, Compagnie Hors Commerce, Tipperary Dance Platform, Tipperary Excel Arts Centre, Tipperary County Council.

2016 | A thing is a thing is a thing is something else  [film]

The screen dance film “A thing is a thing is a thing is something else…” talks about embodiment. It looks into the struggle that  arises between a proclamation of intentions and the physical realisation of the conceptualised project: resistances opposed by flesh, memory, culture and structures – both individual or social – prevent the true realisation of idealised change. A thing… draws its substance from a 15 minutes solo performed at Dublin GPO as part of the commission commemorating the centennial of the Irish Proclamation of independence.

A woman builds a barricade in the Irish countryside: a slightly absurd representation of our attempts to keep control or move forward, often ending up in building barricades that are internal as much as they are external. The stop motion technique used to create the video underlines the repetitiveness of the action. Flesh and purpose collide with the harshness and lifelessness of objects. The barricade is seen as the frontline of action, but also as the place of status quo where momentum is stopped by the attempt of both sides to move the line.

A thing… is a humorous statement on the status of personal and social revolution. While the word suggests both fundamental change and circling back to the starting point, an individual is piling objects between two trees. The barricade that arises in stop motion suggests timelessness, underlined by repetitive action, and simultaneously refers to the comical dimension of silent films. The defensive stacking literally becomes a landmark that delineates time and space, between here and there, between before and after, between one and another. As it becomes obvious that the barricade starts to separate a landscape from… itself, it evokes the frailty of human attempts to alter the course of things.

The film suggests the correspondence between individual attempts to impose change to one’s own flesh and the attempts made by revolutionaries to trigger social change through a written proclamation: it evokes the inertia that personal and collective memories, constitutive of our own flesh, and constitutive of social structures, opposes to change. As the woman accumulates objects to build the barricade she just seems to do more of the same, channelled by patterns and memory, until she finally wraps it up up with fabric – an attempt to temporarily define shape and unity, and take a stance deemed valuable.

Pictures: Alexandre Iseli

Video edition: Jazmin Chiodi

Music: Oscar Mascareñas

Production: Iseli-Chiodi dance company

This film was created in response to Andrew Duggan’s proposition P R O C L A M A T I O N, a collection of lens-based works by leading figures in the Irish visual art, dance and performance world offering contemporary responses to notions of place, language, citizenship and identity, to which the 1916 proclamation may seem to lay claim.

2016 | The endless story of trying to make new out of a single self

This solo dance project was commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival to be part of Embodied, The GPO 2016 commission performed at GPO as part of the Commemoration of the centenary of the proclamation of Irish independence.

‘The endless story…’ proposes a hybrid dance-and-visual arts experience to observe phenomena of dis/continuity and traces, as well as the influence of memory and personal imprint in our conception of self-history and social history.

Is a proclamation sufficiently powerful to redirect histories? The work proposes a vision on the expression of a non-Irish-but-Irish female body today in Ireland. Revolving about her life traces, but also revolving around the traces of the unfolding piece, she takes action as an experiential mode, an act of re-composition leaving new traces inside old traces.

The loud presence of public speeches feeds in statutory authority, directing policies, and wordily promises. The contrasting presence of female dance, palpable, undeniable in its historicised material truth, creating discursive dialogue with the unsubstantial promises of speech, while she traces her own landmarks. Substance responding to words, and the visual work of Martín Mele quietly responding to the dance, anticipating its interpretation, re-reading it to offer his own impression, elegantly shadowing the choreography, while generating yet another imprint.

«  The body again dominates in Jazmin Chiodi’s delightful ‘The endless story of trying to make new out of a single self.’ Visually arresting, the Rapunzel like Chiodi’s attempts to balance on the barricades again incorporates much from performance art, with words giving way to sound and movement in a performance wonderfully moving in its struggle and simplicity. »

Conception and realisation: Jazmin Chiodi & Alexandre Iseli

Performance : Jazmin Chiodi

In collaboration with:

Martin Mele, visual artist

Oscar Mascareñas, music composer and live voice

Commission from Dublin Dance Festival as part of the ‘Embodied’  programme marking the opening of the new GPO: Witness History Centre.

With the support of: Dublin Dance Festival, Tipperary County Council Arts Office, Tipperary Excel Arts Centre, The Irish Arts Council.

Many thanks to: Celina Jure, Roy Galvin – Tig Roy, Aherlow Hotel, Podge, Pat Marnane, and everyone in the community who contributed with furniture and objects to build the barricade.

2015 | Moorland

The title Moorland evokes rough and legendary landscapes that are both typical and mythical in Ireland.

Moorland explores a mix of darkness, roughness and extreme precision. It evokes the ambiguous links between the amorphous underworlds of intuitions and sensations that are stored in our body memories, and the - socially acceptable - structured shapes of our daily lives. Superposing this “matter” approach, with more classically designed choreography, Moorland explores the juxtaposition between substance and shape, stiffness and release, obscurity and light, personal and collective expression. The Moor creates situations in which the dancers reveal opposite but complementary forces at work in each human being.

Moorland is a modular ensemble piece. The work can be cre-created with a group ranging between four and 25 dancers. It requires a certain level of technique and experience and is best suited for young dancers or dance students. Throughout a 2 weeks process, Iseli-Chiodi transmits the core materials of the piece to adapt and recreate the work into a new performatic shape, taking into account the experience of the dancers, the size of the group, and the nature of the space.

Iseli-Chiodi created various versions of Moorland, including:

  • The Moor, a 35 minutes piece for eight dancers of Junior Company Le Marchepied in Lausanne, (Swi). Performed in France, Ireland and UK.
  • Moorland, a 20 minutes piece for 5 dancers at the MA dance students at the Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, Ireland. 
  • Moorland, a 30 minutes piece for 22 dancers of Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Toulouse, France. Performances at Festival le Neuf Neuf, Toulouse.

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Concept and choreography: Alexandre Iseli and Jazmin Chiodi


2013 | Fit/Misfit [a collaboration with Lux Boreal]

Four dancers between Mexico and Ireland, immersed in a spaghetti western ambiance. Fit/Misfit is a showdown starring their individual sensibilities and the need to belong. They negotiate their place, trying to fit in, adapt, and trust... Combining dynamic partnering dance and physical theatre, this energetic pulp-fiction cast humorously investigates our - sometimes awkward - attempts to belong to a group.

Fit/Misfit is a collaborative production between Iseli-Chiodi and company Lux Boreal in Tijuana (Mex). The creation took place between Mexico, Ireland and France. Premiere: Festival mouvements sur la Ville, France.

Performances: Representing Ireland @ Dublin Dance Festival (IE), Festival Mouvements sur la Ville (Fr), Foro Experimental del Centro Estatal de las Artes de Ensenada (Mex), Foro Experimental del Centro Estatal de las Artes de Mexicali, Teatro de la Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana (Mex), White Box theatre San Diego State University (USA), Dublin Fringe Festival (IE), Firkin Crane Cork (IE), Tipperary Excel Arts Centre (IE), Engage Festival Bandon (IE), FIDESP Santa Fe do Sul (Bra), FIDESP Votuporanga (Bra), FIDESP Araraquara (Bra), Tanzmesse Düsseldorf (Ger), Festival José Limon Mazatlan (Mex), Festival José Limon Los Mochis (Mex), Festival José Limon Culiacan (Mex), Encuentro Internacional de Danza Entre Fronteras Mexicali (Mex), Festival Cuerpos en Transitos Tijuana (Mex), Les Printemps de Sévelin Lausanne (Swi), Fetival de Danza Contemporanea Lila Lopez, San Luis Potosi (Mex), Teatro casa de la Cultura Tijuana (Mex), Festival Internacional Cuatro por Cuatro San Cristobal de las Casas (Mex), Festival Internacional Gonzalez, Guadalajara (Mex), Festival Angelopolitano de Danza, Puebla (Mex).

« On the records of irony and astute use of codes, Fit/Misfit is the best we have seen in a long time. » | Le Temps, Feb 2016

« Full of flippancy, self-knowing and hard truths behind the humour. […]. The drama never flags, evidence of a deft choreographic hand. » |  Irish times, Sept 2013

« A stunning example of artistic consideration as each movement and sound intertwines into one conceptual ideal. Brilliant. » |, Sept 2013

«  A fully-rounded work, Fit/Misfit is contemporary dance that is slick, witty and sympathetic all at once. » | Irish Theatre Magazine, Sept 2013

Artistic Direction: Alexandre Iseli and Jazmin Chiodi

Performance:Jazmin Chiodi, Angel Arambula, Raul Navarro, Humberto Vega

Music: Horsemen Pass By

Live Guitar: Ross Gillanders

Lighting: Henry Torres

Partners: Tipperary Excel Arts Centre, Tipperary County Council, Arts Council Dance Artist in Residency award, Iseli-Chiodi dance Company, Lux Boreal, Festival Mouvement sur la Ville, Compagnie Hors Commerce.

2011 | Solo Logic

Solo Logic is a dance solo with video, and a public window into intimacy. It is instinctive, sensitive, and if it is logical, it has to be Solo Logic.

In Solo Logic, video projection is treated as a window, in a muted language that contrasts with the live performance.  Solo Logic emerged with a decision to stop following usual patterns of movement, aiming to reset the balance between energy and fineness, between, skills and sensitiveness… Sometimes transparent, sometimes reflective, the video projection is treated like a window: it gives insights into the origins of the movements, also acting as dual partner in the solo configuration; Solo logic reflects the silent inner violence that sometimes affects our intimacy.

The music is transient, rarely occupying the space quite fully. Sound coming in layers as images would, as memory does. While the dancer struggles to maintain integrity, a song eventually comes up like a bubble, bursting through indecision, bringing back an instant such as we are longing for.

In the company’s work, video serves a need for perspective: it repositions and reveals the spectator’s point of view, through a subtle play with time. While incorporating voyeuristic layers of looking, it redefines and highlights the tensions between viewer and performer, and perception of time and place.

In our perspective, dancing onstage is a political statement, set to gauge a culture that discards the past, denies instincts, treats our bodies like external devices, rejects ageing, standardises aesthetics, only respects the spectacular, prefers decency to truth, gives up personal thinking to religions.

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in Solo Logic the Tipperary-based Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company featured Alexandre Iseli searching for truth in movement. To a video backdrop, his body seemed to move in a simultaneous act of purging ingrained habits and re-learning movement from the inside out. It was an impressively constructed and performed with unaffected honesty.

Under construction

Under construction

Choreography: Alexandre Iseli & Jazmin Chiodi

Performance: Alexandre Iseli

Video: François Cesalli

Lighting: Laurence Halloy

Funding: Arts Council project awards scheme, Tipperary County Council, Excel Arts Centre.

Partners: Tipperary Dance Platform

Residences: Tipperary Excel Arts Centre, Le Grand Studio, Teatro Victoria, Auditorio de Tenerife. Dance Ireland.

2010 | Me seeing you too

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Jazmin Chiodi

MA Festive Arts

Artistic director


Festival curator

Alexandre Iseli

MSc Biology

Artistic director


Festival producer

Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli are artists in residency at the Tipperary Excel Arts Centre since 2008

They are founders and directors of the Tipperary Dance Platform programme and TDP’ international dance festival